A team  combining flexibility, proximity, availability and responsiveness; capacity and skills to manage large construction sites, an expertise based on 15 years of stand-related experience.


Quality policy

Our commitment:

  • - An original and unique design .
  • - A draft  submitted in  3D with an explanatory document
  • - A detailed estimate
  • - Honor our prices
  • - Compliance with regulations  specific to each show                         
  • - Process  to validate ( ratify ) your project       
  • - The monitoring of development and manufacturing
  • - A thorough cleaning of your stand prior to delivery
  • - Management of all technical points and services asked for:      Electricity, water, telephone, computers, video, compressed air, hostesses, catering, drinks, flowers, interpreter, security, cleaning, transport
  • - The maintenance of the mobile stand is made between each of your shows